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Musical Engagement Agreement

Agreement made on ____________, _____ 200__ between Jeff Brent (hereinafter referred to as "Artist") and __________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor"). Both the artist and the contractor agree to perform and comply with all conditions set forth in this contract.

Place of Engagement: ____________________________________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: _____ Zip Code: ______________

Phone: ______________________________ Fax: ______________________________

Contact / Responsible: ______________________ Phone: (if different) ____________

Day(s) & Date(s) of Engagement(s): _________________________________________

Time: from: ___________ AM PM through: ___________ AM PM

Total Length of Show: _______ hour(s) _______ minutes
(includes one 15 minute break after each 45 minute performance)

This contract is for (check one) *Full Band __      Basic Band__      Core Band__

Compensation: $ ___________. Payable to Jeff Brent upon completion of the musical performance. Deposit: $ ___________.


Contractor agrees to provide the band with electricity, as well as a clean, safe and comfortable working environment.

In the case of an outdoor event, the contractor agrees to provide adequate shelter from the elements. If inclement weather prohibits playing outdoors, the contractor agrees to provide an alternate indoor venue for the same date, times and compensation referred to above.

Contractor agrees to provide each band member with _____ alcoholic beverages during the course of the musical performance and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (ex: soda, coffee, water, etc.).

Contractor agrees to provide each band member with _____ meal(s) of the contractor’s choosing on the date of the engagement.

Artist agrees to begin and end the performance on time. Should the artist be required to perform for longer than the agreed upon length of the show, extra monies must be paid to the artist proportionate to the "compensation versus length of show" rate established above.

Artist agrees to comply with all sound and decibel requirements set forth by the contractor.

The artist and band members shall be responsible for their own personal equipment (microphones, musical instruments, etc.) unless otherwise agreed upon with the contractor. The artist's P.A. is suitable for venues of up to 250 persons. For larger venues, the P.A. rental or use must be covered under a separate agreement.

Artist may sell merchandise (ex: CDs, T-shirts or other artist related materials) during the performance.

If either party should break this contract for any reason, the defaulting party agrees to pay the other party a sum equal to the compensation agreed upon above.

  _______________________ Date: _____                ______________________ Date: _____
     Contractor or Contractor’s Agent                                        Jeff Brent

*The Full Band consists of 11 members:
Jeff Brent, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, 3 piece horn section, 2 female singers, engineer
Minimum compensation for the full band: $2,200.00

The Basic Band consists of 9 members: The full band minus the 2 female singers
Minimum compensation for the basic band: $1,800.00

The Core Band consists of 6 members: The basic band minus the 3 piece horn section
Minimum compensation for the core band: $1,200.00

The above minimum compensations are only valid for engagements within 75 miles of Los Angeles, CA USA.
For engagements outside that limit, transportation expenses and lodging must be comped
under a separate contract.

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