Miscellaneous Music Sites

History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians
featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts,
piano chords, scales and music teacher locator.

Arranging lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Depending on the style, there are various ways that any piece of music can or should be arranged. You'll learn the tricks of the pros.

Composition lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Writing for yourself is one of life's most satisfying pleasures. There are many approaches to composition, we'll explore them all.

Ear Training lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Recognition of intervals, lines, chords, progressions, etc is a must for every musician.

Harmonica lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Blues Harp & Straight Harp. Beginner thru Advanced.

Free Music for Educators and More!

It has fun songs to sing in the car on it.

Everything Harmonica Online

Arto's String Calculator was made with lute instruments in mind, but it can also be used to calculate string tensions and diameters for any stringed instrument: harpsichord, harp, viola da gamba, guitar, even grand piano.

Need some samples? Find sounds in AIFF, AU or WAVE format on the net.

"The Printable Staff Paper Page." For the benefit of all musicians. Feel free to print and use the Staff Papers and Tablatures on this site. This site will always remain a free service!

Theremin Enthusiasts Club International. For Theremaniacs everywhere!

Your guide to jazz theories, transcriptions, cd-reviews and more...

Do you ever wonder why some musicians make it in the music industry and others don't? We've all heard great bands that never even made it off the ground! Where did they go wrong? The truth is they didn't cover all their bases. This site gives you the real deal on How Musicians Get an Edge in the Music Business!

Free on-line Chord Transposer converts COWPIE and OLGA songs to different keys.

Mandolin lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Bluegrass (rhythm, soloing) & Celtic Fiddle tunes. Beginner thru Advanced.

Mandolin Cafe has lessons, tablature, a teacher database and more.

Songwriting Tips & Tools - The Muse's Muse

The Musicians On-Line Source for Buying and Selling Music Gear.

This is a place where musicians can find material to make practicing more fun. They provide sheet music with matching sound files (Classical & Jazz. scales & exercises for all instruments) - it's like having a band back you up! You can also improve your ear and your timing by playing along with these accompaniments. Other goodies like different kinds of printable manuscript paper.

Big Ears, the Original Online Ear Trainer. Big Ears is an interval driller. It plays a random interval and then allows you to guess which interval was played.

Penny Whistle lessons in Riverside, CA USA
Celtic Fiddle tunes. Beginner thru Advanced.

Online Rhyming Dictionary & Thesaurus.

RYCUN Music Company
Publishing only the finest in new print music by today's composers.
Sheet music for Big Band / Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Brass, Piano, Strings and more!

The official Southland Blues Magazine web site. Includes artist profiles, CD, book, video and live reviews as well as club and festival calendars, radio listings, and columns with reporters covering the Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego blues scenes.

Dr. Estrella's "Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers" contains basic and accurate biographical information on hundreds of composers.

Music related gift items for yourself or the musician in your life.

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