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Links to MIDI sites. A good place to start your search.
This can find lots of stuff really fast. One trick to keep the things you’re looking for free, is to go to advanced search and include the word "free" in your search string. Ex: Fever "peggy lee" free karaoke - The primary source of employment for musicians nationwide, established 31 years. Jobs and resumes are updated online daily. Musicians Contact is a great musician's referral service. Hook up with pro musicians you want to meet, play the music and get paid. Working groups seeking new members can get a FREE listing, all others pay a membership fee. This is an incredible site for the serious musician looking for work!
One of the best MIDI search engines! Search for song by title. When looking for a certain singer or author be prepared to audition lots of variations.
One of the largest music-only resources on the Internet today. gives visitors faster and better search results, since all of their thousands of site listings have been human reviewed (unlike the major search engines).
Guitar tablature archive. Alphabetized by artist. Classical, Jazz, Pop & Rock. Also lessons for guitar and bass. Goodies like the cool "Guitar Chord Generator."
Free karaoke player. Midi & Karaoke search engine.
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